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Snow Day = Joyride 150

Toronto freaked out about the inbound snowfall due Wednesday morning.  Forecasts called for 20 – 30 cm of snow, and low visibility.  So they over did the severe weather alerts, but at least it kept some people off the roads who really shouldn’t drive in inclement weather.  Me on the other hand?  I went to Joyride to run a couple of errands and found some students eager to capitalize on their snow day with a day of riding at Markham’s indoor cycling facility.

Tyler Dawson pulled some tricks on the coping, while Jackson Morgis aired into a transfer for logo shot.

In Novemeber, Mark and Scott (Co-owners of Joyride) opened up the Joyride FIT Facility, with weights and spin bikes and other training equipment that has already been put to use by Canada’s national XC team. (see here).

Don’t have a bike?  That’s okay, Joyride has a line of rental bikes that fit all sizes from the little norco run bike for toddlers, to the 26″ park bikes, with lots of protective wear to keep those hands and elbows in top shape.

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First Shoot of 2011

I got a little something under the tree this year that always made me curious.  It was a 16″ beauty dish, with a portable flash mount, and it also fits my AB800 strobe as well.  I got to try it out yesterday with a friend and model from Model Mayhem.  You can check out her profile here.

We got up bright and early in anticipation of sunrise being around 7:50 am.  The thick cloud layer quickly changed my idea for the shoot.  I had hoped to use that dramatic sunrise against the backdrop of an abandoned complex, however with no significant sunrise, I was glad to have the beauty dish with my F58AM connected to a flashwave 2 receiver.  I am really loving the control I get, while keeping the specularity of its directional light.  Here are a few shots that I thought really worked.

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