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Nikon D4 Hands on Preview

Scott Kelby’s show “The Grid” shows the D4 up close with NPS (Nikon Professional Services) and talks about some of its features.  Well worth a watch here.

*Update* For unexplained reasons, this episode has been taken down from Scott’s site but is still available on youtube here. At reduced quality.

The Grid with Scott Kelby - D4

I have mentioned before that I felt that little has happened in cameras for some time, that changed the fundamental workflow or “way” a photographer would take a picture.  There are some great features here, though the ip process for tethering through the WT-5 looks a little encumbersome for some work, it could be really handy as you can tether to more than one machine.  It also adds a benefit of keeping use of the card at the same time – A huge drawback to tethering in general AND it works with the iPad!  The auto iso feature sounds like a pain in the neck to me; the shutter speed minimum is archaic in its intention when you consider the effectiveness of stabilization today, at least it is adjustable.

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