2010 Meta Indoor Trials Championships

This year saw the second of what will hopefully be a continuing tradition of biketrials in Ontario.  The Spring time annual bikeshow attracts several thousand eager visitors, to see the vendors booths, and some world class riding.  Competition was fierce, with disappointing 5’s suffered by all levels of riders.  Elite category had competitors from Conneticut and Alberta, as well as Ontarios top ranked rider Trevor Bodogh.  The sections were set by the incomparable Kevin Liu of Where’s the Seat.com who made the trip all the way from British Columbia, as well as help from Dave Cordy and some of the riders.

The Event was divided into two separate events taking place on the Saturday and Sunday.  Each event had competition in all classes.  The “beginner” and “sport” riders rode in the morning, while the “expert” and “Elite/Pro” riders competed in the afternoon, with warm up times before each competition.  Being an indoor competition, several of the obstacles were new to the riders.  It isn’t everyday that you can practice on a car, or riding off kilter industrial wire spools and scaffolding.  Most trials riders find their riding on rocks and other natural or urban challenges commonly found in their neighborhood.   Concrete ledges of flower boxes and benches for example.  This unfamiliarity, combined with what proved to be a slippery concrete floor, was a challenge especially to the less experienced riders.  I can’t recall how many times I heard the phrase “Oh, he spun out…”  including at least one time for myself in a section that ultimately led to a “5”.  This all added to the challenge that each of the riders was to overcome, and overcome they did.  There were some shockingly good scores showing the skill of the riders.  The Elite Category was a battle both days with Mike Steidley coming out on top day one, but Trevor Bodogh edging ahead for day 2.

Organization of the event was done in conjunction with Meta bikes, and coordinated by Trevor Bodogh and Carsinn Wilson and Dave Cordy of the Ontario Trials Series.

  1. I like the last two the best. Good work Josh

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