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God At Work

It’s been some time since I’ve updated this blog.  It has sat on something of a back-burner for the past year or so.  A lot has happened, as might be expected, but let me give you a highlight.

Late last year I was approached to take on a project to equip and implement a media integrated program for a church.  One of the aspects of the program would be to source, shoot, edit and produce a number of mini-documentaries that tell a story of God working in people’s lives.  This weekend we publicly released the second of these stories.

It has been a curious journey to be given access to some very personal topics in people’s lives.  The first story I was to tell was about a young woman with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  This time around we’ve been working to tell the story of a young couple who couldn’t have children, and the challenges around it.

Here is Chris and Kitty, and God at Work.

Shot with a combination of Black Magic Cinema camera EF Mount, Sony A77 and Nikon D800 cameras.